Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Welcome to the 12 Days of Chic'ness! For the month of December I will be posting a Christmas decorating tip, idea, project, receipt, handmade gifts, ect...! It will fall on the even days, therefore making it 12 days by December 24! See how that works!

The First Christmas Chic'ness is Trees! Since it's usually the first thing you put up, if you haven't already! Here are some handmade ornament ideas if you want to add a personal touch or get the kids involved!
I love Silhouettes! This tree is so charming! You can make your own silhouettes of the family and put them in frames or mount to card stock. Take a profile picture against a blank wall and use the magic of Photoshop or Adobe to create! Hang with ribbon.
TIP: Everything looks better hung with ribbon!
Here is little more of a rustic tree, but it doesn't have to be that way. These are vegetable seed packets turned into ornaments! So clever, but I think using flower seed packets would be more my style and little more chic. Notice the tree stand, different. I like it. To do, line the bottom of a galvanized bucket (of anything container big enough) with bricks then put the tree stand on top and top with moss.

WARNING: Soooo easy and cute (and cheap!) OLD CHRISTMAS CARDS! Save them or buy on clearance for next year. To make the garland, cut circles out of the cards and then use a heavy string and stick it to back with stickers! You can find the stickers at any office supply store.

I've seen just Cookie Cutters on trees before, but because I'm a spaz about paper and think you can use it for anything I thought lining the inside of the cookie cutter is fun and you have an instant frame (and gift)!

I like this a lot, it's totally me. Put branches in a vase and hang stuff. So easy and chic. I would recommend like they did here and do a collection of the same ornament.

This looks bigger than it actually is. These are just regular sized peppermints put together with frosting (or glue) with a red candy such as a red hot or .....something red, you know check the candy isle, I'm sure there's something!

LOVE IT! Button ornaments. Looks harder then it actually is. Using pipe cleaner create a loop (for the ribbon) and then fill it with buttons. Obviously use the bigger ones for belly's and hat brims. To create arms or legs wrap another pipe cleaner and put in place of a button, then continue on with the buttons!

Hope you enjoy! If you have questions or need help feel free to email me!

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Liz said...

Stacy... I LOVE the lined cookie cutter ornaments. I so want to do that. If only they sold cookie cutters like that in Japan. Definitely putting it on my list of someday projects. Can't wait to check back for more fun ideas!!