Thursday, September 24, 2009

School House Lights! Love 'em!

One of my favorite websites is It's 5 women who collaborate and consider themselves a resource book to the world of all the products out there needed to design or remodel your home. Love it love it love it. So this was an ad on their site and I nearly fell out because I love old lighting like this, BUT it can also be new and modern! School House Electric is an USA based company "that practice century-old-hand-crafting." The price is great for what you're getting, a hand blown, hand painted glass fixture, like $119 for a pendent! They also have flush mount and just shades! If you're remodeling an old home or just recreating this look in your home now, it can be accomplished! Check out their site!
sorry the pics are a little small....

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Exposed Brick...How I love thee!

This has to be the best project ever! I love exposed brick, the texture, warmth, the simplicity of it really! A single wall can be bricked and left alone and it adds so much to a house. That's why I'm so excited about this company, Arto Brick, they have created "thin bricks" which are real bricks but only a tile width in size! It's brilliant! They can be applied very easily like any kind of wall tile! So much better then faux painting them on! eeww! (Can you tell how much I love them? There are exclamation points everywhere!) I very much plan on using them in my next house. Here is the website. The site isn't the best yet so to see what they really have to offer, and if you're in Utah, go to any Contempo Tile store. These are some ideas of places to brick. It can be used in modern spaces.
Or in vintage, shabby chic, or country spaces.

In Commerical spaces.

Just a simple wall can transform the space. This kitchen could seem cold and stark but the brick warms it up and adds a little bit of a "cafe" feel.

The bricks can also be used outside (obviously!)

I should probably be apologizing for not posting sooner, but who really reads this anyway!