Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let's Get Ready to Party!

"Christmas is coming, It's practically here!" The Grinch

So lets get ready for those Christmas Eve parties and shock our friends and families by how creative we can be! First, add some sparkle to those dining rooms but dressing up the chandeliers!

Next, focus on a centerpiece. I saw this one at the Flower Market the other day and had to take a pic because I loved it.

If you don't like how fake or messy artificial snow is with your little village, try using white bowls flipped over to give a "snowy hillside" look!

"Oooohh this is lovely" you guest will say and you can say "I did it myself!''

To make- Hot glue fresh or silk flowers around a container and fill it with sprigs of greenery!

Food presentations is always important so when doing a casual buffet style try putting your food up on tiers for a more elegant look.

A simple way to display candy canes,.

You can find these star ice trays at IKEA during the summer (around the Forth of July) and then just add some frozen cranberries to a bowl and it will chill any bottle of your favorite sparkling drink!

This works best in one of the glass jars with a spout, but if you don't have one (I found mine at Costco in October for $35) you can always just do this in one without a spout and put it out on display!

And finally, a parting gift for your guest. A mitten filled with treats and a drink, we like "jul mus" from Sweden. It's my hubbies fave.

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