Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Centerpieces

It's that time of year again! Time to get those creative juices flowing and create a show stopping center piece for your Thanksgiving table. One that will get oohs and awhs from all your guest (and maybe even that jealous sister... or brother, I don't judge).
Ok so take some time to be inspired, there's a lot to look at!
above: This is my favorite. A simple, modern center piece, for more of a elegant dinner.

Using baby gourds, put them on tops of old balustrades. This would be great if you had a lot of tables you needed centerpieces for.
Or... float them in water!
Piling them in glass containers with vines is simple and great for the buffet style dinner.

This would even been fun outside on a table on your porch to welcome your guests, or inside on a side table.
The gourd used for these 2 projects is called a Swan Neck gourd. I love how it's used as a vase for casual or formal look.

The gold and the candles are a bit much for me, but could still be tasteful in the right setting.

Gourds cut out to hold objects is always a favorite of mine. Really easy to do!

Candy holders! Just dry out for 24 hrs and line the inside with saran wrap if your a little eerie of the rind.
This place setting is simple with a gourd and a garden marker to hold the name of the guest.

Have a Happy (and beautiful) Thanksgiving!

courtesy of BHG.


julie said...

Oh my gosh! I love so many of these centerpiece ideas! Let's just hope I can remember them if I ever host Thanksgiving...or any fall dinner party. Thanks for sharing!

Gaengy said...

very creative!