Friday, December 11, 2009

A Chic and Custom Gift!

I thought etched glass was common practice, but when I ask, I hear more "no's" then "yes's" so I'd thought I post this homemade gift project.
You know when you take a dish to a church or family function and after the food's all gone it's really hard to find YOUR dish again? Well, this personalized gift is perfect and simple to do!
I could do infomercials. I should also mention that it's permanent, and is oven and dishwasher safe!
So this is Armour Etch, you can buy it at any craft store. It's a little pricey, like $20 a bottle, but it goes a long way and if you use a 50% off coupon at Roberts or Micheal's like I did then it's not to bad.

So I used a glass baking dish (obviously) you can also use a pie dish or whatever. Pyrex does not always etch plus it has a lot of writing already on the bottom. I find the best in Anchor brand at Kmart, and it's bottom is pretty much blank. FYI, the brands at IKEA do NOT work!
Next step is to find good thick sticky stickers, though vinyl really is ideal, and spell out the last name of the recipient.

Once you've spelled out the name, tape a frame around it.
Next step is to fill in the taped frame with the etching paste. Follow directions on the bottle. Although it pretty much says what I just told you.

Let it sit for a least 2 min. and really that's all it takes.

Wash it off in the sink with water and dry and....

Now just add few of your favorite brownie mixes or a recipe and Ta Da! You chic'd it yourself!


rockandcookies said...

Um. Brilliant! I'm going to steal your idea and write naughty things on drinking glasses for my sister. (And I'd like to point out, because I am a Pyrex nerd, that I secretly ove that Pyrex is too tough for etching paste. No wonder it lasts a hundred years! It's invincible!)

Autumn said...

I love it!

David and Melanie said...

it can't be that easy. It looks too cool to be that easy. Awesome!