Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Wall Decor!

I'm a little behind I know, but I will catch up by the weekend I promise. Especially now that I no longer have a day job! Yea! So onto Christmas Wall Decor! Some fun and simple projects for the holiday.
So I like this. But, I would probably chose different colors, more on the neutral side. To do this project paint 12x12 canvases and once it dries wrap in ribbon.

Search consignment stores to find wrought iron pieces like this, or even local home decor stores and with a wreath it's quite charming!

Spruce up your walls with some(blue) spruce! Sprigs of greenery in vases adds that great Christmas smell to any room.

This is a cheap and easy project. It's not hard to find an old frame at a second hand store or one you already have. You can even find packs of ornaments at the dollar store and to create a tree use crafting wire and hang the ornaments using S-hooks. Pretty Pretty!

I wish I would have seen this last year before we sold our house because I would have done this on my french doors Christmas morning!

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Jesenia said...

Love it!! No kidding that would have looked great on your doors. I really like the rod Iron with the wreath.