Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chic-It-Yourself Painting.

In honor of moving this week, I'm writing a post on some painting techniques that I have used around my own home.

Below: In our office I used a metallic glaze over the top of an orange. I bought the long, hard bristol applicator brush that gives it that brushed metal look. It was kind of difficult, actually, and if I were to do it again, I would do it over a grey base wall color or a green. You can find both the glaze and paint at Lowes. Below: This is our Master Bedroom. In a magazine, Creative Home (published by Better Homes and Gardens), I found this stenciling technique and I really like it.
To create: Paint the top half of the room a lighter color and the bottom a dark (for best results). Using a stencil, apply the paint from top half onto the bottom half. Gives a kind of a "bleeding" look. I used a Damask stencil I ordered online. I love Damask patterns!

Above: Stripes are "in" right now, but I would like to say that the stripes in my guest room (now my sons room) originated from my own brain 4 years ago (surprising, yes) and not from a magazine or a t.v. show on that HG station. I was daydreaming about what to do in there and the idea just popped in!
To Create: I found the best way to do stripes is to paint the lighter color all over and do the darker on top. The taping and measuring to ensure the stripes are the same width apart is time consuming! Be prepared! Also, using two monochromatic colors give the best results. Here I used two shades of a light lime green.

This also a "Stacey Original" I wanted to define the dining space in our kitchen, so I painted a different, cordinating shade of green around the window. This works because it draws your eye to the space and it becomes part of the window.

Paint can be used to liven or define any space. Painting an architectural element like a collum, post, nook, or arch in your house can really emphasize that detail and make that space become more your own.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Craft of the Week- Decorating with Paper

This weeks project is late (due to illness) but still a good one! It comes for Studio 5, a local Utah television talk show. They always have great crafts, recipes, gardening tips and more!
Below: "Trend Alert" Fruit is Chic again!
Take a deep, shadow box like picture frame, it has to be doubled paned. You can find at most craft stores. Pick your favorite paper for the back drop.
Next, Using a Cricut machine or stencil or exacto knife, cut out a shape of fruit, using a solid color like shown.
Really simple! If you want to see a video, click http://studio5.ksl.com/ then click on the "projects" tab. Bare with me while I learn how to eventually post the videos here.
This week's project is all about using paper! I love decorative paper so much, even though I'm not a scrapbooker, so because I'm not, I wanted to find a way I could incorporate it in my home. Below are some ways I've used paper, and very cost effective too I might add.
Just simply framing coordinating paper.
Mod-podging a cardboard letter for my son's room. These big letters can be found at JoAnn's.

This is actually a tear out of a calander I loved. Most calenders are coordinating, for example I have one now that is all pictures of Paris. When I'm done with it I plan on framing the ones I love to create a wall grouping.

Above and Below: Decorative paper I just happened to love so I took them to a framing store and had them mount them on foam board and cut them out for me so they'd have nice straight edges. Cost, .75 cents each!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Flooring Chic'd by You!

So to get the ball rolling I'd thought I start from the ground up, with Flooring. Probably the hardest project I'll post, so don't be scared away! Coming soon: moldings, paint, pillows, and furniture and more! Above: This is my laundry room floor that I tiled all by myself. I love checker board patterns. They tend to lean to a more vintage, classic look. They can really be timeless which is a great thing when remodeling!
Above: I was going to stain the concrete in our basement but now that we are moving, that won't happen. My husband has a friend who did it and he said it was easy and comparable, if not cheaper, than carpet. That's my kind of design! Check out http://diylife.com for a step by step instructions.

Aren't these gorgeous?! Stained concrete that has been stenciled, you can do it etched or with paint.

Above: These are glass tiles. Glass in 12x12's or smaller tiles can be found at most local tile stores (check with sales staff to make sure they are floor rated, not all can go on floors). Again, easy to lay. I like how they've created a "rug" here to define the seating space.

Below: Porcelain tiles that look like wood! Amazing! Looks great, easy to maintain and wears better. Again, available at most tile stores and home improvement stores. This tile is by Grespania.

Below: These are just wood floors I love by Ebony. Fun!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


These are 2 magazines I like. Home Depot and Lowes are where you can find great Kitchen and Bath Magazines as well as Do-It-Yourself Magazines.
I want to start off with how important it is to find your own style. I help people all the time who, from the beginning, have no clue what they like. WELL, no one can tell you what you like! So what to do.....? It's so simple, start by looking through a design magazine! And I mean that by literally look at each room pictured and deciding if what you're seeing is for you or not. Ask yourself these questions.

-Do I like the colors?
-What in this room do I like and why?
-Do I tend to lean towards warm or cool colors?
-Do I like the materials being used on the floor, the counters, the cabinets, the light fixtures ect..?
-How does this room make me feel? That is actually an important question, some people want calming, some energetic, some want trendy, some what rustic.

Now, I don't recommend coping these rooms verbatim at all. But once you get a sense of what you like, you can go from there. It should make picking paint and finding furniture and accessories a lot easier. For big projects, hire a designer who can help you piece it together. If you're looking for something to do yourself, you've come to the right place!