Thursday, February 26, 2009

Welcome to Chic It Youself!

This is a blog of an Interior Designer, who wants to help all those who are designers at heart! Most posts here will be projects that can be done yourself, and most I have tried ( and hopefully succeeded!) I'll also be posting projects I've found in magazines, the Internet and T.V. and the occasionally reader projects! Also the monthly "Lunch and Learn" where I'll post a new recipe and Design Topic.

I'm hoping for this to be fun and maybe a tool some people might use to get the creative juices flowing! Learning an art, craft or trade is good for the mind and soul. It's great to feel connected to something and see it accomplished. I feel passionately abut design. I have my degree in Interior Design and current balance being a homemaker and my job where I help people with the design of their kitchens and baths. I also do a little of my own design on the side. So as of now, I'm still getting this up and running so bare with me. My first Design Post, is a little bit about me and some of the current trends and timeless designs I love.