Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Cookies!

One of the best Christmas traditions is Christmas cookies, we always make a whole bunch of different kinds for the friends and neighbors. And who doesn't love to get or give Christmas cookies! Here are some new chic ways of packaging those cookies as gifts instead of the usual paper plate.

Sometimes one is enough so stick a big gourmet cookie in a cd holder! You can find these cheap anywhere and with a pretty little label they look professional!

So I have a ton of these packaging tubes and with a little wrapping paper they can become perfect holders for the cookies.
This is just a box but create some compartments and you have an interesting little display!
2 gifts in 1! A cute little ice cream cup to hold the cookies. Wrap with cellophane and ribbon and viola!

This idea is just a little obvious, but I like it just the same!

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Brett Alisa said...

I love all your ideas. It makes me want to be crafty and creative. What a fun blog. Yay for Stacey!