Friday, December 18, 2009

Wrap, Ribbons, and Bows

Wrapping presents is, sometimes, the worst part of Christmas so I wanted to find a way to get excited about it. I think if you make the packaging part of the gift, it's more exciting for you and the recipient! There are some great ideas here, I'm really excited to do these! Below are ideas on making your own wrapping paper, tags and bows! I tried to post easy ideas with stuff that hopefully you already have at home.



I'm pretty much obsessed with anything black and white so when I found out that you can print this paper for FREE on your own printer I squealed! (luckily I was alone). So click on this link. It will print out on a smaller scale on 8x10 but use 11x17 if you can! Or save it on a desk and print it at a Kinko/FedEx. They give you the tags and everything!

Candy cane stripes made by wrapping ribbon inches apart over the wrapping paper.

This one I also love! Take fabric and photocopy it, then print it out onto paper! Very personal and chic! I think it would be a fun idea for birthdays, baby showers and weddings as well!

Go green! Use fabric, towels, maps, magazines, brown paper bags, anything lying around the house or can be a gift in itself like the dish towels.

I always try to do this, but color coding each person with there own wrapping paper. Then you don't need labels and your tree and gifts with coordinate and look a little more polished.

This is a project called Dip-Dye. You use rice paper and food coloring. Really easy, go to see how!

Doilies people! They're back in a big way! I have to admit, I like them too, used in the right way. Example, here it is a little more vintage and not so "grandma." Not that being "grandma" is bad! Let's just not frame doilies again, OK!


I probably shouldn't post this since I did it for the family,but it's a great way to give a picture of your cute little ones to their Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles!

This is a Do it yourself project, A way to package those gift cards using paper and ribbon. If you can't figure it out by looking you basically glue a piece of ribbon on three sides to piece of card stock cut like so. Then stick the card inside the unglued side. OR, make a little sack! Using just ribbon, cut a longer piece, fold in half, wrong sides together. Then staple, sew or glue together the 2 sides, leaving the top open. Flip right side out. Slide the card in and cinch shut with string or more ribbon!

This is a cute little printed tag. Click here for the FREE template


Pom pom bows. See also the flower bows below on how to make these!

Cupcake-paper Carnation bows. Use petit four, mini cupcake, and cupcake paper liners. I read the instructions, pretty easy. Nothing you could figure out by looking at the picture.

I thought this was cute with the bows on all sides. Just something different.

Pom pom or Flower bows
This is your basic self-adhesive bow, but with a little scissor work it's 10 times better, wouldn't you say! Cut the loops open of the big bow, at angles rather than across the middle for best results. Then once it's open adhere a smaller bow in the inside and cut that one open too. Curl ends once open.

Top it off! Line the top of a box with different sizes of bows, but in the same color. Gives it a great texture and little more pizazz!

The Homemade Peony. Again, take a regular store bought bow and snip in open but instead of curling the ends fan them out. Then take a smaller bow and cut it way down at different angles and adhere in the middle.

Happy Wrapping!

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