Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kitchen and Chairs

Hi! So after a 2 month sabbatical I'm back! We relocated, reestablished, removed, renovated and remodeled! Here are some pics of the kitchen, and the bar stools I got for a steal of a price at a furniture outlet.
One was black and one was red, so we primed and painted using the brand Rust-oleum from the Home Depot. It can be sprayed right onto already finished MDF. Make sure to let it dry in between coats. My husband got a little carried away and sprayed to much at one point, but we just sanded and sprayed again on that one spot. That's the nice thing about sandpaper and paint. Using a high gloss white makes in easy to clean and more forgiving of mistakes. We finished with a light lacquer so it would have that nice candy shine!
I love that you can take the seats off and recover them if you wanted to. Right now I left them because they match my dining chairs.
The barstools in the kitchen. We also painted the walls a blueish, greenish gray that I made up in can because I couldn't find any color I liked. The furniture piece around the stove is one of my favorites.