Wednesday, March 31, 2010

For the Girls!

Ok, so I'm sitting on the floor of my bedroom with paint on my hands and paint on my pants. Paint is drying on the walls and paint is drying on my roller. But I took a second to do my daily Post!
So this one is for the girls since I did a post for the boys!

Put spring into your little girl's step with pretty paper-flower clips. Transform tissue or crepe paper into dahlias and use them to decorate barrettes and shoes, or to make a lovely bouquet.

Stack five 4-inch squares of tissue paper; fold into quarters. Draw petal shapes as shown. Cut out, and unfold.

Bend one end of a green pipe cleaner to form a round nub. With other end, pierce a hole through the center of the stack of petals, and then pull it through the hole to form a stem. Scrunch petals up. Wrap floral tape around the flower base and down the stem. Pull the layers of petals apart.

To attach flowers to shoes, wrap stems around shoe clips, tape crepe paper leaves to stems, and hot-glue flower bases to clips.

These yarn flowers are really cute and simple! Here's how

Cute little Bunny Ears! Here's how!

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Framed said...

Little girls will love these. So cute.