Monday, March 8, 2010

Add some Bling to your Bathroom

I get tired of the same old thing. Don't you? Here are some ways to spruce up your bathrooms using glass tile mosaics. Glass tile has been around for years and will continue to be a big part of tile, so dive in people!
For this project, the level of difficultly lies in what kind of glass you choose. The easiest glass tile to lay are the kind with mesh backing and they're usually the cheapest.
see below for websites

Framing out a mirror is a great project to take on. It's a little area, so it's easy to tile if you're a first timer, and a little goes long way!
Below: Last year we had this small space of dry wall above our mirror and again, I just wanted to add a more modern look my bathroom. Using the product Mastic, which is a premixed glue-like material, I troweled it directly on my dry wall using a 1/8" v-notch trowel. Then put the sheet of glass right on the it. After I did one row, I staggered the next row so it would blend better and not have grid look. Lastly I picked a grout, mixed it according to the package and I was done in 2-3 days! I used the an Italian glass, from Sicis Glass. Check out this site

This is more contemporary look, with the circle glass tiles creating "bubbles" love it!
The nice thing about glass is that it doesn't have to be trendy or contemporary.

Above: Glass tile mixed with slate. It's more of a natural soft look. Great of a spa or rustic feel. Again, notice just a small area behind the sinks, under the mirror.
Check out Waterfall glass from or the Geologie ( that's how they spell it) Series from Oceanside glass

Below: This is subway glass tile. Ceramic Subway tile is your classic tile that's been around since the 1950. Given that name because it is literally tiled in the subway stations of New York City. We have seen subway tile come back in a big way the past few years in all sorts of materials, porcelain, marble, travertine slate, and glass. But it still has that classic, timeless look.
Check out They are a very "green" company and also a "Made in America" company!

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