Tuesday, March 30, 2010

An Easy Gift for the Neighbors

I was thinking of a gift I could make my friends that I visit for Relief Society, something Easterish. I saw these serving bowls at (I hate to say it) Walmart, in the Better Homes and Garden Section. I put some brown paper grass to create a "nest" and then topped with yellow peeps and used only the white robin eggs for a natural look. I first put the pink and blues ones on top but it looked weird, so I used just only white, and Ah ha! Success! I think they turned out pretty good. Over all, I probably spent $6 total a bowl! And after the kids have eaten all the candy Mom's left with a nice serving bowl!


The Walker clan said...


Framed said...

Great idea. Maybe I can do something like this for my visit teaching people.

Brett Alisa said...

I love the idea. So cute!