Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Revamping an old Frame

Revamping an old frame! My mantle has been a thorn in my side! I've changed a billion times since we've moved in, and I think I'm finally getting to where I like it. Anyway, here is a project I'm finally posting!
A place to display old family photos.

I have this frame I bought at a scratch and dent sale at Pottery Barn years ago. As you can see the middle piece has always been loose. I thought it was time for some revamping.
I sprayed painted the outside this aqua color that I love. It krylon at Home Depot, the best spray paint out there!
Next I mod podge on some paper with a fun damask print.
Lastly I spray painted the inside part white and drilled some holds for hooks at the top.
Instead of laying out my pictures into the grid part of the frame I decided to clip them on useing cafe curtain clips. I used a combination of old family pics and new ones.


Chic It Yourself said...

HMMM..... As I look at these pics I'm not sure id I like this way.....Well don't be surprised if you see something different up there next week!

David and Melanie said...

I'm so impressed at how creative you are! You're amazing!

The Walker clan said...

Very FUN!!!

laurylar said...

way to think outside the box!