Monday, May 3, 2010

One Man's Trash Mondays

I really really debated giving out this secret........because I don't want my stash to disappear! BUT I figure there's not that many readers and those people who do read my blog ROCK and deserve this little reward so I'm letting you in!

Next time you're at IKEA skip the store and head straight to the AS-IS department. It's a bargin shoppers dream! Sure you have to rummage though bins and boxes but it's worth it.
So my secret and favorite is the little cubbies tucked in the back full of odds and ends of cabinetry! Like below, I found this kitchen cabinet glass door, for $3! Nothing was wrong with it so I took it home to re-purpose it.
I added the vinyl lettering and the little knob at the bottom, which went in like a cinch because there was already a hole there!These holes where already there too because that's where the hinges would go for a door, I used those for hanging instead!
I drilled little notches into the MDF so the screws in the wall would have something to catch and the door wouldn't just slide off of them. Now I have a lovey dovey room! Oh and the lacey curtains I also found in the AS-IS for $9 for the pair! I've also found taller doors, boards, frames sheets ect....Rummage through boxes my friends, rummage though boxes!


laurylaro said...

cute! and thanks for sharing that secret. I might go to Ikea sometime, there's one in Pittsburgh, about 2hrs from here.

Flitryss said...

AGH! Love it. You, my dear, are brilliant.

Framed said...

Your room is gorgeous. I could go rummaging and not find anything, because I have no creativity. Still, someday, I'll give it a try.

Bobbie said...

You are so creative, Stacy! Why rummage at Ikea and grab your stash, when I could go to your room when the 'trash' is made perfect and take yours... when u r sleeping of course. j/k That is so beautiful that frame and all :)