Saturday, May 8, 2010

If you do anything PLEASE READ THIS POST!!! Happy Mothers Day!

I've been waiting forever to do this post! But I've been waiting for Mothers Day and now my Library books are over due! What does this have to do with that?! Well.........
I was at the our cute little public library in my little country town (the best eclectic book collection ever!)and I stumbled across a little biography about Frank Lloyd Wright. Being a lover of all things Design and Architecture and wanting to keep my mind "sharp as a tack" I decided to check it out.

Wright is someone I love and abhor (no not adore, ABHOR). His professional life I amaze and covet over and his personal life (to say it nicely) puts a bad taste in my mouth.
Anyway, hopefully you all know about F.L. Wright, and I don't have to do a post about him too because I WILL DANG IT! But to put it in one sentence, Wright "is one of the most innovative and influential figures in modern architecture." His works include the House of Falling Water, the Guggenheim in NYC, and is basically "the Father" of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Any of this ringin' bell?!
So that brings me to the point of THIS post. As I read this little Bio, it mentioned Wright's mother, Anna Wright, and I was so moved and awed at what it said, "Humble livings and lack of financial success did not however, prevent Anna from exhibiting her tasteful sense of interior decoration at the home....things which she liked she surrounded herself and her family. Years later when Wright wrote down his own ideas about interior design, they corresponded in many significant details to the environment that HIS MOTHER had carefully constructed during his childhood." I love that! She used what she had and her creativity and surrounded herself with things she loved. I feel like that is what my life and blog are about. I feel like this speaks so strongly about mothers and what an impact they have on their children. To me, she will always be "The Mother" of the Arts and Crafts Movement!

This is the only pic I could find on the internet of Anna Wright. She is the one holding the baby.


Anonymous said...


Anna is the older woman in the center of this photo. The younger woman holding the baby is Wright's first wife, Katherine, also known as Kitty.

Framed said...

Very interesting. I love to look at pictures of his houses, especially the House of Falling Water. You are a great mother. Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday.

Chic It Yourself said...

Well Anonomymous, My search for Anna Wright brought me this picture with that caption and she looks like the picture I have an Anna Wright, but whatever.

laurylaro said...

Great post, what a good topic for mother's day and design! enjoyed it.

The Walker clan said...

LOVE IT!!! I can only hope my children will make a little mention of me in this sense :) Happy Mothers day!