Friday, April 9, 2010

Picture Blocks

I took a little three day break from blogging to come down off my Easter sugar high and harness that energy into painting my bedroom (pics to come!). My post is not a project I did recently, but I did promise to post it.
These picture blocks are so simple and I love the dimension it gives the photo.

So at you local home improvement store find a 2x5 unfinished piece of wood and have an employee cut it into 5" pieces, about 9.cents a cut. I think the first 2 are free. I don't have a pic of the raw wood because I did this when we moved and my camera was somewhere between lost and packed.

Next paint it black or brown, depending on your style. and sand the edges.

This is a handy little laminating/sticker machine from any craft store. It's about $32 dollars and if you use a 50% off coupon at Roberts Craft, cha ching!
Basically you feed your 5x5 photo through the machine and it puts adhesive on the back turning it into a sticker!
Lastly, if you want to hang it on your wall, nail a little bracket onto the back.
So cute!

The photos were taken by Sweet Apple Photography, but I think now she is The Enchanted Photo. We went the Sanpete County Fair and by some shear form of luck, had the place all to ourselves!