Friday, April 16, 2010

Cafe Curtains!

This is a one day project or a two afternoon project. Really easy and fast (if you can sew )BEFORE
My windows in the kitchen needed some dressing up! So I thought I'd make some simple cafe curtains.
What do you think? Better? I chose a material that had a little of all the colors I have going on in the kitchen.
So I measured the windows and the material, but added an 2" extra on each side. 1" for the hem and an extra inch for some "slack" so they'd hang nice.
A trick my mom taught me to cut a straight line is fold the material over as you cut and follow that line. A side note, when I was little my mom would make me sew a project every summer. I hated it then, but I'm glad I learned. Thanks mom for teaching me your mad sewing skills!

A little pining and little sewing...

I added some ribbon on the bottom as a bit of a finishing touch.
The end! Well, I did have to hang the rods and then clip curtains on, you can find both at any Home Section at you local store.


Jane said...

I put cafe curtains in my master bath because I remember seeing them in your house and loved the look. So with my cafe curtains and the little shelves for the candle holders I bought at your garage sale, I think I must be trying to make my house like yours!

Chic It Yourself said...

Whatever Jane! You have great style!

David and Melanie said...

I love sewing projects! (especially easy ones) :) You're awesome!