Monday, October 26, 2009

More Halloween Goodness!

This "Chic It Yourself" project comes from a reader and friend. She went all creative on us! Here is her fireplace, she printed these letters off the computer, cut and aged them with a marker and then strung them up with ribbon. To create a "haunted" center piece, she again went to the computer and printed out these images from the internet and framed them.

These candles are chic'd! (what? that's a word) She went to D.I. (a thrift store here in Utah) and found these candles sticks and spray painted them white and black and added contrasting candles to each!

GORGEOUS!! Love the display! The pumpkins in the cake stand, great! Lets not forget the table runner! It's just printed damask paper, brilliant!

OK so I was reminded by a reader that I never posted my old house from last year's Halloween (because the blog didn't exist, K) so here are a few highlights.
Remember when I said I loved pumpkins? Well, I grew them in my front yard so when fall came I would have vines of pumpkins! That's love.

This is a cake I made, not super professional. I got the cat template out of a magazine, it was suppose to be black but by the time I decided to make it I couldn't find black sugar anywhere. But the green worked, you can still find this template, I believe, at Country Living Mag's website.

Ok, so this what I did this year, I'm kind of regretting that I even posted it. But I found these cute wood circles and hung them from a dresser door, The End. Next year, when we're in a house, I promise to have more of a Halloween Extravaganza!!

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Marcus said...

I especially love the candle idea! Simple and wonderful!