Saturday, October 10, 2009

I LOVE Decorating for Halloween

So I should tell you that I'm sad. Sad because Halloween is my favorite holiday to decorate for ( I know,weird) and I currently don't have a house of my own to decorate. SOoo.. why do I love Halloween? Um can you say, Orange, Black and White, and Chartreuse! The best colors ever created! OK, so some of the best colors. I should mention that I only like the "classy" Halloween decor, not the blood and guts! Tacky. I should also mention that....I LOVE Fall! (if I was a computer nerd I would have put "I HEART Fall" with a little heart, but I can't)
You may have already checked out some of the pictures below that were featured on on Sunday, but I had to post a few of them, they're great ideas!

Take small pumpkins and using double-sided tape put ribbons around them and group them in a bowl!
Cut off the stems, add a candle and some glass to create a hurricane lantern! Kind of tricky if you don't already have the glass!

Hallow out the pumpkin and then spray with matte black paint. Then use a spoon to scrape off the paint creating shapes! Stuff with fresh flowers or twigs from your local craft store.

I love the spilling out look of the painted pumpkins. It's so easy to paint pumpkins, my mom had us doing it before we were 10. It's an easier clean up!

White pumpkins are very 'in' right now. You could paint or use vinyl lettering to create this, and spray paint some ivy black for the vines.


So easy, stick some twigs in the top of a pumpkin. I did this last year, I found the easiest way was to drill smaller holes in the pumpkin then work the branches in. You could also just use a crafting pumpkin from a craft store.
Cut some bats out of black or printed paper and hang! Again, white pumpkins, some candles, and a bowl of candy complete the look!

These are great! Create the silloutes by cutting out scary creatures out of paper and mounting them behind a candle (not to close!) or if you can find Halloween ornaments those work best. A bent clothes hanger or even a fondue fork can hold them up, or buy a small picture holder at your local store.

Untraditional! Have a lot of butternut squash you don't know what to do with (besides make soup) turn them into scary Jack-o-lanterns! The elongated face gives a great spooky look!
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I would love to see how you decorate! Send me some pictures if you want! At


Nicole Anderson said...

I am inspired! Thanks Stacy for an awesome post.

rockandcookies said...

Lo's been begging for decorating. We're doing it on Wednesday. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the painted pumpkins spilling out of the fireplace!

Autumn said...

I love pumpkins, orange, and FALL too! Cute stuff!!!