Monday, July 13, 2009

Flooring Chic'd by You!

So to get the ball rolling I'd thought I start from the ground up, with Flooring. Probably the hardest project I'll post, so don't be scared away! Coming soon: moldings, paint, pillows, and furniture and more! Above: This is my laundry room floor that I tiled all by myself. I love checker board patterns. They tend to lean to a more vintage, classic look. They can really be timeless which is a great thing when remodeling!
Above: I was going to stain the concrete in our basement but now that we are moving, that won't happen. My husband has a friend who did it and he said it was easy and comparable, if not cheaper, than carpet. That's my kind of design! Check out for a step by step instructions.

Aren't these gorgeous?! Stained concrete that has been stenciled, you can do it etched or with paint.

Above: These are glass tiles. Glass in 12x12's or smaller tiles can be found at most local tile stores (check with sales staff to make sure they are floor rated, not all can go on floors). Again, easy to lay. I like how they've created a "rug" here to define the seating space.

Below: Porcelain tiles that look like wood! Amazing! Looks great, easy to maintain and wears better. Again, available at most tile stores and home improvement stores. This tile is by Grespania.

Below: These are just wood floors I love by Ebony. Fun!


Framed said...

Now I can have a tile floor in my kitchen that looks like wood. Fantastic. I love the jigsaw puzzle floor also. And the stenciled concrete. Can I do that on my patio?

Marcus said...

AMAZING! And less conventional too. Yay!